Sunday, January 15, 2006

Ice Wine - What about a clear Cabernet?

I found this article in It's about the production of "Ice" wine. It goes over the whole process for you. My brain went a little sideways when thinking about the cool liquid. Remember when the beer companies battled over their "Ice" brewed beers. I wonder what happens if wine makers follow that trend and what would be next? How about a Crystal Pepsi style Cabernet that's clear, or maybe we could get a New Shiraz. I'm sure everyone would hate it, then the makers of "New Shiraz" will go back to the original formula and call it "Classic Shiraz".

Here's part of the ice article... For the whole thing use the link in the title.

NEW YORK -- It's called ice wine _ dubbed "the nectar of the gods" for its rare, sweet intensity, and high price. It's so rare that in upstate New York, winemaker Art Hunt had to wait three years for the current harvest.

And then, finally, came that magic moment. With the temperature at 10 degrees and the berries just ripe enough, Hunt and his crew picked six tons of Vidal grapes and quickly pressed them to make the new ice wine now fermenting to drink by springtime.

Bert Miller can't wait for the day to arrive. Miller, the manager of the revolving rooftop restaurant above the Marriott Marquis hotel in Times Square, had bought out Hunt's 2002 ice wine supply and is awaiting the 2005 vintage in April.

"Ice wine is a hot item all over the country," said Miller, manager of The View.

If it's so "hot," why do so many folks say "huh?" when ice wine is mentioned?

Might be because some of the white elixir goes for as much as $100 _ that is, for a slim, elegant half-bottle that is slightly larger than a can of soda. Hunt's goes for about $40 _ less than half the price of the best from Canada, which leads the world in ice wine production.

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