Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Red Wine and the King... Tut that is.

King Tutankhamen was a red wine drinker, according to a researcher who analyzed traces of the vintage found in his tomb. Maria Rosa Guasch-Jane told reporters Wednesday at the British Museum that she made her discovery after inventing a process that gave archaeologists a tool to discover the color of ancient wine.

"This is the first time someone has found an ancient red wine," she said.

Wine bottles from King Tut's time were labeled with the name of the product, the year of harvest, the source and the vine grower, Guasch-Jane said, but did not include the color of the wine.

Pretty cool stuff. Click the title for more on the subject.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Custom Wine Gifts

Thanks to your feedback, we have expanded our custom wine product list. You wanted more, so we have more to offer. As always, all of our engraving is FREE. That's right we do not charge to personalize the items in our Custom Wine Gifts section. Here is our list of items available:

Personalized Wine Box /Wine Bottle Stopper - (engravable) / Wine Accessory Gift Set - (engravable)
Engraved Toasting Glasses (Set of 2) / Gold Rimmed Toasting Glasses (Set of 2)
Silver Plated Bottle Opener / Key Chain Bottle Opener - Engraved

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