Sunday, July 31, 2005

Washington - The #2 State

Ok, we all know that California is the number wine producing state in the U.S., but who is number 2? Well, we have the answer... Washington State. That's right, Washington is the second most wine producing state in the U.S. Cheers to Washington! An article in the North Lake Tahoe Bonanza tells the tale about the U.S. recognizing Washington State as the second-largest producer of wine.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The Perfect Wedding Gift

One of the most common questions we get is "I'm looking for a wine gift that is unique and affordable. What do you recommend?" Well, Rhino Wine Gear offers some very unique gifts that are customizable, or engravable, or personalized, or whatever you want to call it. Our custom wine gifts are perfect for wedding gifts or even for bridal party gifts. We offer FREE engraving, and as always FREE shipping on orders over $100. Any one of our custom wine gifts would be perfect for a wedding, birthday, or special occasion.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Eddie Vedder and a Bottle of Wine

I finally found a cool rocker with a bottle of wine. Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder with a bottle of wine in hand. If you find any other pictures that you want to share, feel free to send them my way. Cheers! Eddie!

Friday, July 22, 2005

Ohio Breaks Free

Ohio residents rejoice. Lawmakers have finally opened the wine borders to allow shipments of wine to go to consumers and businesses in Ohio. This is a great step for everyone to get the wine they want. Cheers to everyone in Ohio.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Adagio Wine Tote

Here is one of our featured items at Rhino Wine Gear. It's the Adagio Wine Tote.

The Adagio Wine Tote from our Legacy Collection is the perfect way to carry your favorite wine, champagne, or spirits to a concert or party. It also makes a delightful gift. The Adagio Wine Tote has room for two bottles of wine and has a stainless steel waiter style corkscrew included. The Adagio Faux Leather Wine Tote is always ready for any occasion. Our Legacy Leatherette Wine Totes are fully insulated to protect and keep your wine at the perfect temperature.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Italy's Ready for Great Wine Harvest

From the sounds of this article we are in for some great wine from Italy:

Growing conditions similar to great 2001 vintage -
(ANSA) - Rome - Italy appears set for a bumper wine harvest this autumn which should be in line with 2004 in terms of volume, sector sources said on Tuesday.

According to Italian Wine Union (UIV) and the agricultural services agency Ismea, weather will remain a major variable, but the harvest looks goods and will no doubt be better that 2002 and 2003, which were the worst years in decades because of drought.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Wine Education from Mondavi

Need help with pairing wine with food? Would you like a recipe to go with a certain varietal? Well, the Robert Mondavi website is full of this great information. It's a great resource for wine lovers everywhere. It features easy to use drop down menus to make the right selection. Plus it features plenty of information on the Mondavi and Woodbridge wineries.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Army spends $100K on wine glasses

AS hundreds of Australian troops wait to be sent to Afghanistan, the army's top brass is preparing to spend up to $100,000 on champagne flutes, wine glasses and brandy balloons. Wow, that's a lot of glasses. If you need wine glasses check out our selection. Cheers to our Aussie friends!!! For more on this story click this link:

Army spends $100K on wine glasses | The Nation | Breaking News 24/7 - (17-07-2005)

Friday, July 15, 2005

Finger Lakes Wine Festival

The Finger Lakes Wine Festival is this weekend in Watkins Glen, NY. If you are nearby it's well worth the visit. Over 70 wineries pouring over 500 wines.

What: Finger Lakes Wine Festival.
When: 6 to 9:30 p.m. today (Launch of the Lakes); 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.
Where: Watkins Glen International.
Who: Seventy-eight wineries pouring more than 500 wines; more than 100 arts and crafts, food and other vendors.
Admission: One-day adult, $30; designated driver, $10; minors (under 21), $10; children (under 5), free; weekend adult, $35.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Grape and Wine Facts

Five tons of winegrapes is 10,000 pounds.
13.51 barrels of wine at 7,552 oz./ea.
797 gallons of wine at 128 oz./ea.
3,958 bottles of wine at 25.6 oz./ea.
15,940 galsses of wine at 6.4 oz./ea.

740 pounds of grapes and 59 gallons.
24.6 cases of wine.
295 bottles of wine.
1,180 glasses of wine.

30 pounds of grapes or 468 oz.
307.2 ounces of wine.
12 bottles of wine.
48 glasses of wine.

750 ML of wine.
2.4 pounds of grapes or 39 oz.
25.6 ounces of wine or 4/5 quart.
4 glasses of wine.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Wine gods

We recently got a request to post some of the names for the god(s) of wine. Well, here you go. As an added bonus, we found a painting of Bacchus.

BACCHUS - Roman God of Wine
BELLONA - Roman Goddess Wine
DIONYSUS - Greek God of Wine, Agriculture, and Fertility of Nature
LYCAEUS - God of the Vine, Wine, Merriment
LIBER - God of the Vine, Wine, Merriment

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Cooking with Wine (part 2)

If this is your first time cooking with wine, start with a mainstream white or red like Marsala or Barolo. Avoid using cooking wine because it is salty and overpriced. Try to match the wine's flavor to the flavor of the food as much as you can because when the wine concentrates during cooking, a fruity wine will give a fruity taste to the dish, a sweet wine will add sweetness to the dish and a cooking wine will increase the saltiness of the dish.

For a white wine, use Arneis or Marsala. Strong and dry white wines should be used in cooking, not bitter ones. Marsala can be used to deglaze a pan and to finish dishes like veal marsala. Red wines, like Barolo, Gavi and Docetto d'Alba, work best in red sauces and marinades.

When choosing a red to cook with, pick a deeply-colored, fruity wine low in tannins unless you are making a hearty meat dish, which needs a hearty red wine. When you are more comfortable cooking with wine, you can start experimenting with more daring and flavorful wines. The more you know about the characteristics of your favorite wines the more creative you can get when cooking with them.

* Only cook with a wine that you would drink because if you start with a wine that you do not enjoy, you won't like the core flavor of your dish.
* A wine should complement or contrast the main ingredient, not overpower it.
* Don't sacrifice rare or expensive wines in the pan because the alcohol evaporates.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Cooking with Wine (part 1)

Choosing a wine to cook with is just as important and the wine you choose to accompany your meal. Wine is commonly used to add a subtle flavoring or a powerful zest to a dish.

To cook with wine wisely and effectively, here are a few basic things to keep in mind.
While water boils at 212° Fahrenheit, alcohol evaporates at only 175°. If you pour wine into a hot pan, more alcohol will evaporate than water. But as the amount of alcohol decreases in proportion to the water, less alcohol evaporates. The percent of alcohol left in the pan depends on how long you let the wine heat. Baked or simmered for 15 minutes, 40 percent of the initial alcohol in the wine remains. After one hour, 20 percent remains; after two-and-a-half hours, only 5 percent is left. If the wine is reduced to a syrupy glaze, then all of the alcohol has evaporated. What you are left with in all of these cases is the sweet, bitter or acidic flavors of the wine you used.

Therefore, the alcohol in the wine does not become more concentrated after cooking, but the other flavors in the wine do. This fact debunks the myth that you can actually get drunk by eating chicken marsala. The amount of time spent reducing the wine usually depends on the color of the wine. White wine should be cooked for a short amount of time to burn off the alcohol, but red wine needs to be reduced until almost all of the alcohol is evaporated. If it is cooked for longer, the initial purple color of a red wine turns to a rich red that will blend well with the brown colors of meat. There are several uses for wine during the cooking process. First, you can deglaze a saute' pan with wine as a base for a sauce. You can also use it as a marinade to tenderize meat before cooking to soften the meat's fibers. Use fortified wines as a splash of flavor at the end of the cooking process. In this case, you can taste the alcoholic flavors of the wine because the wine is not cooked for enough time to be reduced.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Jug This - Three Thieves 2003 Tempranillo

Ok, I had some time to kill the other day. So, with a wine shop nearby I decided to do some browsing. The first thing I see in the store is a jug of wine. Yes, a JUG of wine. Now, I'm certainly not a wine snob by any stretch, but I thought to myself "Why would they put a jug of ripple in the front of the store?" I quickly moved on and wondered around the store. As weird as I thought it was, I could not stop thinking about the jug. What came next... Well, I bought it. I've always been open to trying new wines so why not now.

It was Temranillo or as described on the label "Spanish Red Wine". The label also showed 3 hombres on horses clearly marked "Three Thieves". It was a 1 liter clear jug with a metal screw top. As it turned out, it was a nice find. It had a grapey and sweet nose, with a cherry fruit leading the charge. Give it a try. It was also priced right at $9.99 The Three Thieves website is fun too, so check that out as well.


Wednesday, July 06, 2005

100 Summer 2005 Wine Releases

Great link to about 100 new Summer wine releases. Bucko is a critic for "Wine Lover's Page". Bucko's list is very informative and helpful in choosing some good wine. Follow this link to check it out - Bucko's New Releases

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Storing Your Wine

What are the best conditions for storing your wine? Well, the points listed should give you a good idea as to what works best.

* Make it DARK: light makes wine age more quickly. Excessive exposure to light can even produce an undesirable taste in the wine.

* Store it HUMID: to keep corks from drying out (which can lead to seepage and oxidation), your cellar should ideally have between 80% and 90% humidity. Putting gravel on the floor will keep you from walking in the puddles that can form from the humidity. Be aware that in a very humid cellar, the labels of your prized wines may get moldy or deteriorated. To avoid having them slip off when they rub against other bottles, make sure when you stack your bottles that the labels do not touch each other.

* Have a CONSTANT TEMPERATURE: ideal cellar temperature for optimal (slow, consistent) aging is 12-13°C (around 53-55°F). If you can't keep your cellar that cool, at least shoot for a CONSTANT temperature that is as close to those ideal temperatures as possible. Large fluctuations in temperature make wine age prematurely, as do hot temperatures which, if hot enough, can "cook" your wines and ruin them.

* Keep it FREE OF VIBRATIONS: putting your wine on your massage chair and setting it to high is not a good idea.

* No ODORS : don't sore your wine in the garage. The odors of gasoline can easily penetrate through the corks and into the wine. Don't store garlicky sausage or other strong-smelling foods in your cellar for the same reason.

If your cellar or storage space does not have ideal humidity or temperature, there are many air conditioning/humidifier units available. Another option is storing your wine in one of the many wine refrigerators (armoires) that are available. They will keep your wine at the optimal, constant temperature and humidity.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

47 Pound Rooster - Cabernet

The Rex Goliath Story: At the turn of the 20th Century HRM (His Royal Majesty) Rex Goliath was the treasured attraction of a Texas Circus. People came from far and wide to behold the 47 lb. bird, billed as the "World's Largest Rooster." Our label replicates the one of a kind, vintage artwork from the circus banner that hung above Rex's roost and we proudly honor HRM with our premium varietal wines. Admist the natural splendor of Monterey County, our vineyards enjoy the most optimium growing conditions and the beauty of an untamed hillside landscape. We invite you to raise a toast to Rex with our "free range" Cabernet Sauvignon. Soledad, Monterey County, California.

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