Thursday, December 01, 2005

Wine evolution or fad of the month?

Ok, I get the screw-top caps. I like them, they come in real handy when you don't have a corkscrew around. When i mentioned the wine-in-a-can concept a while back it really got me thinking. Why would you do that? It seems like the industry is trying to cheapen the whole wine experience. How you experience wine is just as important as how it tastes. Ok, with that out of the way, I came across this article on wine in plastic bottles. Is it the same feeling, the same taste? I have not found them in my local wine store yet, but if you have tasted wine in plastic please share your thoughts.

The next big thing for the wine industry could be small, screw-capped and shatterproof.

Single-serve plastic bottles are starting to show up on supermarket shelves in a bid to win over new customers by moving wine beyond posh white-tablecloth dinners to the informal ease of a picnic.

If one of the green bottles should accidentally fall, no problem.

"There's a more active lifestyle people are living, they'd like wine to be a part of it and it just was not convenient in the 750 milliliter typical wine glass bottle where you have to bring corkscrews, glasses, etc.," says Tom Slone, brand manager for Stone Cellars by Beringer.

Stone Cellars has been selling four-packs of unbreakable, single-serve bottles since summer.

The new, 187 milliliter (about six fluid ounces) bottles are part of a larger industry trend that includes boxed wine, cans and carton-type packages."

The full story can be found by clicking the headline above.

There is at least one local winery that is doing the screw top thing to work their way into local sporting events. Sadly, the wine that they ar putting it the bottles is garbage...not any of their good stuff (or even mediocre stuff)
This is an interesting convergance. The American Beer industry is currently looking at ways to de-cheapen its image because consumers are moving toward more sophisticated drinks.
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