Monday, August 08, 2005

Yellow Tail - Shiraz

Quick Story... I was at a restaurant this weekend and overheard an amusing story from a nearby table. It must have been a first date or something because it seemed to me the guy was trying to impress the lady. The gentleman was looking over the wine list and came across a bottle of Yellow Tail Shiraz. Since he decided to try sushi for the first time he jumped right to the Yellow Tail wine bottle. He started proclaiming to his date that Yellow Tail Shiraz was named after the yellow tail tuna and that they make this wine specifically for this dish... Well, you can imagine the looks he got from his date when the bottle showed up with a wallaby on the bottle. I was enjoying my wife's company when the waiter brought the bottle over and missed the embarrassing moment. I wonder if he got a second date out of his performance.

Here's the real story behind the name:

The true namesake is the yellow-footed rock wallaby, a small, colorful breed of kangaroo that's known to roam the Casella vineyards.

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