Thursday, July 07, 2005

Jug This - Three Thieves 2003 Tempranillo

Ok, I had some time to kill the other day. So, with a wine shop nearby I decided to do some browsing. The first thing I see in the store is a jug of wine. Yes, a JUG of wine. Now, I'm certainly not a wine snob by any stretch, but I thought to myself "Why would they put a jug of ripple in the front of the store?" I quickly moved on and wondered around the store. As weird as I thought it was, I could not stop thinking about the jug. What came next... Well, I bought it. I've always been open to trying new wines so why not now.

It was Temranillo or as described on the label "Spanish Red Wine". The label also showed 3 hombres on horses clearly marked "Three Thieves". It was a 1 liter clear jug with a metal screw top. As it turned out, it was a nice find. It had a grapey and sweet nose, with a cherry fruit leading the charge. Give it a try. It was also priced right at $9.99 The Three Thieves website is fun too, so check that out as well.


Have you heard anything about or tried their new 250 mL adult juice boxes?
Not yet... I don't know if i could do wine in a box. Do you know if it comes with a straw?
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