Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Wine and a Camera Phone

I have resisted the idea of a camera phone since they came out. I thought why on earth would we need to have a camera in our cell phone? Well, call it an epiphany, call it turning on the light switch, call it what you want, I finally came up with a good reason to have this "mashed" technology.

Here's the scene: Have you ever been out to dinner and had a really good bottle of wine? Of coarse you have. How many times have you looked at the bottle to remember the name only to be wandering aimlessly through your local wine shop hoping you'll magically remember the name of the bottle you had a few days ago. Well, now you have an option. Next time you are dining and come across that great bottle of wine you can just whip out your camera phone and snap a shot of the label. PRESTO! Instant logging of your wine. The possibilities continue. Once you have a few bottles under your belt, you could print them out and make your own digital wine label scrap book. I'm sure I'm not the first to think of this, but when the light goes off, you want to share it.

I guess this means I need a new phone. If you have done this already or have other thoughts on this topic feel free to post a comment.

That's a cool idea. I usually try to write it down on my receipt or something. Thanks for the tip.
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